Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Tokoroa

Tokoroa. April 2009. Ajr
I used to live in Tokoroa decades ago and I've never really gone back. It's been more a case of flashing past on State Highway 1 on my way to somewhere else. On my way north on this trip, I had to stop there for gas, so I took a little detour around some of the main streets and was amazed by the fabulous decorative pou that have been placed in the town centre. I'll feature some of those soon but in the meantime, I loved this rather unfriendly looking fellow welcoming people to Tokoroa on the billboard leading into town.

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  1. born in Tokoroa, would like to get my Maori Tattooes although am phakea, for me its about respect and identity. if the Maori elders in Tokoroa say no i will respect this.
    Living in Australia Geelong just outside of Melbourne the only place i would get the work done is in Tokoroa by a Maori artist.
    I respect Maori culture and grew up with a large Maori family in Tokoroa.
    david seery


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