Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"A Cloak of Words"

"A Cloak of Words" by Lyonel Grant, Rotorua. May 2009. Ajr
Being a writer by profession, I suppose it’s understandable that I would instantly be drawn to works of art that incorporate words. So it was with this marvellous work, “A Cloak of Words,” by Maori sculptor/carver, Lyonel Grant, which is located on a small grassy rise beside Rotorua Museum. According to the accompanying plaque, it was unveiled in June 2001 to mark the new millennium. “Supported by the Millennium Trust and Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust, the Waitukei sculpture was created by Rotorua artist and master carver, Lyonel Grant. His inspiration was the people of this area (Rotorua) and the rich melding of Maori and European cultures. Created in bronze over a two year period, it depicts two symbolic male and female figures.”
Rotorua. May 2009. Ajr
What I especially loved about the work is that the closer you get to it, the more it reveals, for every surface is heavily etched with patterns, words and texture – in much the way a traditional cloak is heavily textured. The colour too, is filled with rich variants of brown, grey, blue and bronze – quite lovely! I’ve added a link to Lyonel Grant’s website here, so you can read about his inspirations and style of work in more depth.

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