Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Northern Gateway

The Waharoa or Gateway to Te Uri o Hina Marae at Pukepoto, near Kaitaia that I featured here on the blog a few days ago. Either scroll down, or click on Te Uri o Hina in the label line below to read more about this marae in a beautiful Northland setting


  1. I would like to say that the pictures that you have displayed are marvellous and i say that you are very fortunate to take so many shots of the different marae that live in the Hokianga.
    I hope you get to talk with the locals next time you visit the far north as their stories would be good to hear of how the land came to be and so forth.

  2. Such a lovely comment - thank you!
    Yes, I was often sad I couldn't find anyone to talk to on my travels but I was usually travelling early in the morning and was always in a hurry, so as to keep to my travel/work schedule. I keep saying I will return when I am NOT working, but I have yet to make that commitment. Anyway, thank you again ad I'm glad you're enjoying my words and photos - Adrienne R


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