Sunday, December 19, 2010

All in a Blur

I save a lot of blurry photographs.
Technically they're far from perfect and most photographers would probably delete them immediately Not me. There's often something visually appealing about a partially blurred photograph - a sense of movement, a fleeting mood - and as long as the item is still recognisable, I'll often keep it. This is one example - two teenage girls that I photographed at the opening of Rapaki Marae over the hill from Christchurch, in November. A number of things appeal to me about this image - the pink korowai (cloak) [it's not often you see a pink cloak for a start]; the way the feathers have blurred (reminding me of a bird in flight); and the traditional taniko weaving and the hei tiki on the second girl's neck, in close proximity to the modern cellphone that one of them is clutching. It's a shot of it's time in that sense.

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