Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Sense of Community

Like many Christchurch residents, Master Carver and Moko artist, Riki Manuel has been displaced by the earthquakes. He previously operated out of his own studio and gallery at the Christchurch Arts Centre but as that has now closed for several years for earthquake repairs, he has had to review his operation. He took the opportunity to relaunch his business at the recent Aranui AFFIRM Festival that was staged in December in Aranui.

The Aranui Community Trust staged its 10th AFFIRM Aranui Family Festival On Saturday December 3. It’s one of the biggest family festivals in Christchurch and this year, over 3,000 people turned up on a baking hot day, to take part in games and to watch a succession of stage events from local schools, culminating in  performances by world champion hip-hop artists, New Zealand’s Common Ground and headline act, hip hop-soul star Ladi 6, (Karoline Tamati), who grew up in Aranui and is just back from singing in Europe
It was a brilliant day of family fun, once again highlighting the fact that community spirit is alive and well in Aranui despite their earthquake hardships.
Even the police - often as heavily tattoed as the locals - joined in the community spirit, chatting with locals as they kept an oderly eye on proceedings.
Ladi6 was a resounding hit at the end of the day
The young made their own fun
And everyone did their best - by whatever means - to shelter from the heat of the day.

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