Monday, March 30, 2009

Maori History Storehouse

Rotorua Museum. 2007. Ajr

Quite apart from being a stunningly beautiful building, Rotorua Museum of Art & History is a storehouse of Maori history. The new Don Stafford Wing opened in 2008 houses exhibitions that focus on the Te Arawa people, much of the mountainous and volcanic geography that was sacred to them, along with an exhibition that details the history and war time achievements of the 28th Maori Battalion. The Te Arawa people can lay claim to starting tourism in New Zealand. Back in 1860 the Tuhourangi people were already organising day trips to the famous Pink and White Terraces of Lake Rotomahana – Te Otukapuarangi and Te Terata and Guide Rangi is remembered as an early Rotorua tourism icon. If you can’t get to Rotorua any time soon – which is a shame; it’s one of my favourite places, complete with all it’s smelly sulphurous air – you can check out much of that fascinating history by clicking on to their website – or

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  1. Actually Destination Rotorua has a April Fools Day Joke running about this building.


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