Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Roaming Back Roads

Central North Island, April 2009. Ajr
One of the greatest pleasures I'm having on my current road trip around New Zealand, is driving down sideroads and discovering Maori marae I've never seen before. Whenever I see a marae sign, I turn off, hoping it's not going to be too far off the highway...... mostly because I'm supposed to be travelling to a (self-made) schedule. On this particular day, I went in search of Kuratahi Marae, off the highway just north of Taihape. I drove inland through a beautiful golden-leafed valley for what seemed like miles and miles and miles. I finally came upon the tiny settlement of Mataroa. I hunted for the marae itself and couldn't find it anywhere and finally had to give up. I had, afer all, travelled nearly 15km off the highway. I did stop long enough to snap this cute-as-a-button church though. It's St Georges of Mataroa.

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