Monday, May 4, 2009

Urban Marae

Taupo. April 2009. Ajr
I was rather taken with this little marae. It's one I came upon quite unexpectedly as I whizzed through Taupo. I spotted the road sign and reversed back - right into heartland suburbia! Kuiwai Marae is on a hill, wedged between domestic properties, overlooking Lake Taupo. There's a big tree - a totara I think - growing in front; and the wharenui is called Kurapoto.


  1. you are correct in that kurapoto is the name of the whare tupuna, but the wharekai is called kuiwai and waipahihi is our turangawaewae. the hapu are hinerau and hineure.

  2. Thanks so much for letting me (and readers) know that information. On my rapid travels I often don't have time to gather all the details I would like. And of course doing the research later can be complex and difficult and I often find myself confused. So thanks again - Adrienne


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